About Us

At The Fresh Foot Centre, we believe everybody deserves to walk pain free with healthy feet. Whether it is heel pain, ingrown toenails, plantar fasciitis, orthotics, diabetes related problems, or various other leg pain, ankle pain, foot pain or posture issues, we will diagnose and treat you while enlightening you about the various therapy choices we offer.

Our [site_location] based podiatry centre offer patients all their required foot care demands including:

  • Preventative foot care including children and diabetic patients
  • Effective pain relief therapies for all foot and ankle disorders
  • Consulting podiatric surgeon offered on-site
  • Foot and ankle care for pro athletes and individuals with energetic way of livings
  • The latest technology in preventative and corrective shoes.

Our therapists in The Fresh Foot Centre maintain a process continuous education about the most up to date podiatry strategies to provide you with the most thorough podiatry service possible. Therapies are readily available to people of all ages and occupations, and your referrals are welcome and appreciated.

Our personnel and group of podiatric doctors are dedicated to excellence and in providing quality care to clients in a compassionate and respectful way. We look forward to establishing a long lasting and trusting relationship with you.