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How to Look After Your Feet – Checklist

If purchasing new shoes we advise that you wear in your shoes slowly and gradually. IF YOU WEAR ORTHOTICS, wear your shoes with your accompanying orthoses for 1-2 hours in your home to begin with – preferably on carpeted surfaces. We encourage you to check your feet regularly for any rub marks or redness that […]

TOWARDS WELLNESS Toast the New Year with Just One Glass of Bubbly

You may be celebrating, but that doesn’t mean that that you should send your judgment on holiday. Alcohol can interfere with your blood sugar by slowing the release of glucose into the bloodstream; it also contain a lot of calories – 89 calories per glass of white wine or champagne, 55 calories in a shot […]

S-T-R-E-T-C-H Of The Month Lower Back Stretch

After partying in heels’ ease tension in your lower back with a simple twist. 1. Lie down on the ground. 2. Close your eyes and breathe deeply as you bend your knees and plant your feet on the ground, hip-width apart. 3. Drop your knees to the left as you gently turn your head to […]

Avoid Common Christmas Injuries

With the festive party season in full swing and holidays just around the corner, Podiatrists are urging everyone to take extra caution, to stay safe, injury-free and happy this Christmas. The best Christmas present you can give yourself and your family is; Healthy Feet. As much as we love this holiday and celebration period, it […]


Metatarsalgia is a non-specific term for pain in the forefoot. The generally accepted theory is that the pain is occurring in or near the metatarsal heads, the metatarsophalangeal joints (MPJs) or is caused by soft tissue injury. It can be a challenging problem because of the vagueness of the symptoms and the vast conditions it […]

Posterior Tibial Tendonitis

  Posterior Tibial Tendonitis Posterior tibial tendon dysfunction (PTTD) is an overstretching of the posterior tibial tendon in the foot which generally occurs after long term overuse related inflammation and degeneration of the tendon, Posterior Tibial Tendonitis/tendonosis. Tibialis posterior muscle/tendon has a major role in supporting the medial arch of the foot and therefore its [&hellip...


A Surprising Benefit of Exercising Sometimes we don’t feel in control of our lives, whether we are out of work, in a job we don’t like or having problems in a relationship. Exercise allows us to achieve goals and overcome obstacles regardless of what is happening in other areas of your life. Increasing the time […]

S-T-R-E-T-C-H Of The Month

Calf Stretch Sit comfortably against a wall, on the floor, with your affected leg stretched out in front of you. Loop a towel around the ball of your foot. Hold the ends of the towel tightly to avoid slipping. If a towel is too cumbersome, use a belt or band. Pull the towel toward you […]

 Posterior Tibial Tendonitis

   Posterior Tibial Tendonitis Tendonitis in the foot is a common problem because we use our feet continuously when playing sport. One of the most frequently affected tendons is the posterior tibial tendon, a structure that is normally hard at work, throughout the contact phase of gait (when the foot is in contact with the […]

Simple Podiatry Stretches

Pod Stretch Golf Ball Roll Start by rolling a golf ball under each of your feet between 30 and 60 seconds. When you feel that the golf ball has touched one of the points where you feel pain, pause for 10 seconds and massage that area. Concentrate on stretching your muscles by pulling your toes […]