Back Pain

Back pain can originate from a variety of pre-existing conditions, and poor foot posture can be one of its primary causes. Back pain can reduce your ability to enjoy an active and healthy lifestyle. In some cases, it can also have debilitating effects.

Improper foot positioning and poor lower limb posture may be the origin of your pain if your back is:

  • Painful after standing for a long period
  • Painful after standing on flat surfaces
  • Somehow relieved by wearing supportive footwear.

It is possible that the root cause of your back pain is poor foot posture and gait.

Flat feet and high-arched feet can also be causes for back problems. This is due to the stress and strain flat or high arched feet induce on the lower back and pelvis. Moreover, these types of foot condition have poor shock absorbing traits, thereby resulting to debilitating back pain.

The The Fresh Foot Centre team of podiatrists have more than enough years of experience to precisely assess and diagnose your condition. We have state-of-the-art 3D foot imaging laser scanner and computerised pressure plate system, which we utilise to assess conditions and make the right orthotics when required.

We also have HICAPS for health fund rebates and no referral is necessary. We refer for X-ray, MRI, and ultrasound if additional diagnostics are required.

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