1. If purchasing new shoes we advise that you wear in your shoes slowly and gradually.

  2. IF YOU WEAR ORTHOTICS, wear your shoes with your accompanying orthoses for 1-2 hours in your home to begin with – preferably on carpeted surfaces.

  3. We encourage you to check your feet regularly for any rub marks or redness that could be caused by the shoes or a foreign object (e.g., stones caught within the shoe, seam of your socks).

  4. Start a routine of checking your feet regularly each day (3-4 times a day minimum) – as we do not want any issues of skin breakdown.

  5. Check the inside of each shoe with your hand before placing your feet in them.

  6. NEVER walk barefoot!!

  7. If you have T2DM (Diabetes Mellitus) make sure you get a Diabetes Foot Check at least once a year to check your circulation and nerve sensation in your feet.

  8. We recommend some good shoe stores in Fountain Gate to help you with foot pain.