Preventing Corns and Calluses

The best way to prevent the development of calluses and corns is to pay attention to your feet when you feel there is extra pressure on specific areas.

  • Properly fitting shoes are essential, especially if you spend long periods of time on your feet and it is important that you never wear others peoples shoes.
  • Wear shoes that give your toes plenty of room. If you can’t wiggle your toes, your shoes are too tight. Have a shoe shop stretch your shoes at any point that rubs or pinches.
  • Avoid shoes with sharply pointed toes and high heels. Women who prefer such shoes, or who are expected to wear them at work, can take some of the pressure off their feet by walking to their destination in well-fitted flat shoes, and then changing them. Try to decrease heel height as much as possible.
  • Use protective coverings. Wear felt pads, non-medicated corn pads or bandages over areas that rub against your footwear. You can also try toe separators or some lamb’s wool between your toes.
  • A moisturiser used daily will help to keep your skin supple.
  • Have your shoes repaired regularly – or replace them. Worn soles give little protection from the shock of walking on hard surfaces, and worn linings can chafe your skin and harbour bacteria.

But don’t forget that these problems are caused by pressure. If you feel you may be developing a callus or corn, or you already have one, the best thing to do is seek professional advice and treatment from your Podiatrist.

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