Child’s Growing Foot

A child’s foot is a multifaceted arrangement of bones, ligaments, tendons, and muscles undergoing rapid development. The growth plates in the feet and legs will not be fully developed until young adulthood.

At The Fresh Foot Centre, our goal is to get our patients’ feet and legs in the best alignment possible. This is to prevent damage later in life and to help them achieve an active lifestyle. Our podiatrists have more than enough years of combined experience in caring for the feet of children, which includes gait and posture assessment and management from leg to toe.

Our podiatrists will do a thorough walking and foot posture assessment. They will observe muscle length, the range of motion among joints, the footwear, and the activities/sports of the patient.

We do our assessment using the international “Foot Posture Index” to ascertain whether an intervention is required or not. Most of the time, intervention includes footwear education and the use of orthotics or insoles to adjust the alignment of the foot and body for the purpose of improving the range of motion and reducing “wear and tear.” We will also check if the child has an in-toed or out-toed walking style.

If your child frequently trips, complains of discomfort when walking, has an awkward walking style, or have distinct looking feet or knees, you should make an appointment with The Fresh Foot Centre and schedule an assessment immediately.

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