Growing Pains among Children

Active children will often complain about pain on the knee, legs, ankles, and feet. Sometimes, they will experience cramps at night during sleep or after a strenuous activity. The problem becomes an annoying circumstance if such conditions become frequent and chronic. Albeit there may be other adjacent reasons that can cause such conditions, a lot of adults will just attribute them to mere growing pains. They will go on saying that growing pains are normal to children who are rapidly growing up.

The thing is, growing pains are not “normal.” They need not be endured as a sacrifice for a better lifestyle and comfortable foot and leg movements. As mentioned, the so called growing pains may have underlying causes.

It may be one of the following:

  • Growth plate problems in the bones
  • Tight muscles or loose ligaments
  • Poor foot posture
  • Poor walking pattern
  • Inappropriate shoes

At The Fresh Foot Centre, our team of veteran podiatrists will do a thorough walking and foot posture assessment. They will observe muscle lengths, range of motion among the joints, the footwear, and activities/sports of the patient. If we believe that intervention is necessary, we will develop a management plan. We also refer for X-ray, MRI, and ultrasound if additional diagnostics are required.

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