Orthotics, Insoles, and Arch Supports

If you are suffering from foot pain, limping out of bed with heel pain or arthritis, or not running like you used to, then allow us to provide you help. If you have a poor foot posture, your bones, tendons, ligaments, and joints are strained with every step you take, then there is a strong likelihood you will experience body pain and injury, which may eventually lead to arthritis and chronic conditions. By correcting the way your feet and body move, we aim to help reduce pain, injury, and inflammation. Improving your mechanics is the secret to being active without pain for the long term. We can change the way you walk by splinting the foot with an orthotic or arch support.

Our state of the art diagnostic tools will help determine the right kind of treatment for your foot condition. We have a 3D foot imaging laser scanner that provides a digital replica of your foot. Our computerised pressure plate system can also accurately map possible high foot pressure on your soles. Our treatment may range from intensive procedures to simple heat moulded arch supports, which will provide the remedy that you need.

Our orthotic services are available in full or short length, dress or sports, hard or soft, whichever your foot condition requires.

If you think you are in need of this treatment, our podiatrists can thoroughly assess whether your foot or lower limb condition necessitates the procedure. Feel free to make contact with us or just drop by our centre.

Do you have a foot problem?

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